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Rosedale’s history goes back to the 1820’s, when Sheriff William Botsford Jarvis settled in this neighbourhood before it was a part of the City of Toronto. It was Mr. Jarvis’ wife, Mary Jarivs, who named the area as a tribute to the beautiful wild roses that blessed the the area with their presence.

In the year 1864, the Jarvis family sold their estate and land, which eventually led to the neighbourhood being subdivided, and development was started. The southern half of Rosedale began development right away, however the northern half of Rosedale began development in 1909, when a bridge was built over the Park Drive ravine.

Today, the Rosedale neighbourhood is known for being Toronto’s most fashionable district, and it’s been this way for over 100 years! Many of Toronto’s wealthiest and most prominent citizens reside here. Real estate in Rosedale is marketed towards premium buyers, some people spend millions of dollars on a home, just to tear it down and build their own custom mansion.

The houses in Rosedale are large, and so are the lots. Construction of the estates began in 1860, starting with the Jarvis estate, and continued construction until the 1930’s. The styles of homes vary from the following selection of styles:

· Victorian

· Georgian

· Tudor

· Edwardian

These grand estates still maintain their architectural integrity to this day, and most of them are 100+ years old! The price of the humongous homes range from just under one to over seven million dollars.

To put a little more perspective on the estates and prices, here’s an example of a recently sold Rosedale house: the asking price was just under $6 000 000, for a house with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and it was built in 1905. The house also features: 10 foot ceilings, expansive bow windows, marble fireplaces, mahogany built-in bookshelves, a conservatory for casual gatherings, a six-piece master ensuite bath with a fireplace and sitting room, a games room, an enclosed garden house, pool, waterfall, and hot tub.

The Rosedale neighbourhood is filled with natural beauty, including ravines as well as gorges that help seclude the area from the rest of Toronto. There’s also two great parks to check out, they offer recreational activities, such as: tennis, baseball, children play areas, and community programs. Rosedale Park, has been in existence for over 120 years, and now hosts the annual spring park party, known as Mayfair.

Ensuring proper education is important to all residence of the Rosedale neighbourhood. There’s many public and private schools available for all ages, so you won’t have to travel far for a excellent education.

Rosedale is centred in the middle of Toronto, however as mentioned earlier, the neighbourhood is secluded from the rest of the city. Along with the natural ravines, and gorges, the trees fill the neighbourhood and help reduce noise, as well as increase the green space in the area. This allows Rosedale to be away from the rest of the world, while only a few minutes away from downtown Toronto, it’s the best of both worlds!


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